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Stairs Diesel Injection & Turbo Ltd.

Holset H1C Turbo (SKU: 3524427H)

Holset H1C Turbo (SKU: 3524427H)

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The Holset H1C Turbo is renowned for its impressive performance and reliability. It features a robust turbine housing for superior durability, and its optimized aerodynamic design increases efficiency and reduces overall noise levels. With these and other features, the H1C Turbo is an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles.

Cross-reference part numbers: 1700320124, 170-032-0124, 1700321146, 170-032-1146, 1700321723, 170-032-1723, 3524424, 3531034, 353103400, 3531034H, 3532207, 3802297, 380229700, 3802297H, 3802297RX

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