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Stairs Diesel Injection & Turbo Ltd.

Holset H1C Turbo (SKU: 3531034H)

Holset H1C Turbo (SKU: 3531034H)

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The Holset H1C Turbo is a premium turbocharger designed to deliver maximum performance in heavy-duty diesel applications. The turbocharger features a compressor wheel designed for maximum efficiency, a high-efficiency turbine wheel for faster acceleration, and an optimized center housing for improved exhaust flow.

Cross-reference part numbers: 1700320124, 170-032-0124, 1700321146, 170-032-1146, 1700321723, 170-032-1723, 3524424, 3531034, 353103400, 3531034H, 3532207, 3802297, 380229700, 3802297H, 3802297RX

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